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Maintenance and Repair of Automation Systems and Cards


CNC Systems Server and Control Cards Maintenance and Repair

Our technical service includes electronic card, motor drive, control board repair and maintenance of Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Heidenhain, Syntec, LNC, Mazak, Reading, Yaskawa, Indramat, Fadal, Hurco, Matsura, Amada Punch and other brand CNC machines.


AC-DC Drive Maintenance and Repair

Servo Drives, one of the most important modules used in Power Electronics, is one of the most frequently applied products due to high purchasing costs. Micro test Electronic Control Systems as brand and system difference all types used in industry; * AC / DC Drives * Servo Control Drivers * Start / Stop Modules * Softstarters We make the repair in the shortest period and in the safest way.


CPU Cards Maintenance and Repair

01.CPU Modules 02.Industrial Motherboards 03.Slot Type of Processor Cards We repair the repair with expert technical staff and advanced fault finding systems FAST and ECONOMIC. By comparing the robust module with the V / I characters, a much safer and more successful result is achieved. Card / Module software installed on Eprom, EEprom, Seriprom, Flash, Pal and Gal type process control Program with advanced socket-mounted programming devices that will re-install software if it is defective We provide BACKUP service.

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